Torrid Lingerie Love


If you know me you know that Torrid is in my top 3 favorite stores! I say this without any hesitation. And this is not a paid post- I just feel every plus size woman should try Torrid’s clothes and lingerie. I am always a size 2 in Torrid to give you a reference, plus their sizes never change like some brands. I can count on being a 2 always. In jeans I’m a 22 or dresses that size in that fashion I’m a 22. Anyway I want to talk my favorite current lingerie looks from Torrid. Sadly, I can’t afford them all so stock photos will have to suffice…..this is very saddening for me as I truly want a walk in closet of Torrid lingerie. hehe A girl can dream.

Smooth Plunge bra and microfiber panty set

This is my go to everyday favorite set! I LOVE the feel of the microfiber panties plus they are sexy. Paired with the smooth push up and my girls are held up all day! This does give you cleavage so if you are not going for that I would suggest another style of bra. But Torrid has A LOT of styles so don’t worry you will find one you love.

Floral Skull Print Microfiber & Lace Racerback Bralette & Floral Skull Print Lace Up Microfiber Cheekster Panty

Now this is a comfortable and sexy set! Every woman should try a bralette because they are some comfortable and insanely popular. Even better they work well for all sizes from small to very large breasts. And again did I say how comfortable they are?

Lace Bralette Babydoll

I would sleep in this lace babydoll every night if I could! It is so comfortable and light. I’m always warm, so the least amount of sleepwear is best. This is great because you are covered but also still look sexy.

Lace and Mesh Longline Bralette set

I cant have a lingerie post with out some red hot sexpot sets! And this is it! Damn I need this in my life. Can I just lounge around in bed wearing this, being fed chocolate covered strawberries? Ok ok I’ll stop fantasizing, but seriously this number is FIERCE! Want to wake your husband up from the typical monotony then put this set on and just walk in the damn room. If he doesn’t get fired up quick them you better walk on outside and leave him drooling. High wasted panties and longline bras are VERY in-style and perfect if you want to cover some belly. Add red mesh and lace = mind blowing sex appeal!


Feel free to shop through my blog as I do have affiliate links to Torrid, like the one above. I have tried so many types of lingerie from Torrid so ask me if you have any! Plus I love talking lingerie.




Plus Size line Curvy Sense Review


I seriously have to gush over Curvy Sense! So many positives with this company that I don’t know where to start. The styles of course are amazing, you can find causal cute T’s or sexy bodysuits. They literally have everything a girl could want on their site. Even bikinis and swimsuits. Plus their prices are AMAZING! Normally you get what you pay for, but their low prices give you very high quality garments. All three items I received from Curvy Sense came in great shape and were very well made. (Bonus most items are made in the USA) I’m no gentle little lady so I do give my clothing some serious wear, so quality is a necessity. I was especially impressed with the stitching and overall construction of all my pieces. All were flawless and thicker than a normal $20 item.

Plus Size Accordion Cross Front Bodysuit- Size 3x- $@3.00

This bodysuit gave my girls all the love up top! I always enjoy cleavage so I was excited about a V neck cross front bodysuit. The straps were adjustable also which is great because I am short and often need to change my straps. The bodysuit fit perfect in every spot! The fabric is stretchy and I had plenty of room so I was comfortable. I paired this bodysuit with a Forever21 tulle skirt and chunky Torrid wedges. Obviously this outfit shows some skin so it is perfect for the summer! I would wear this out on the town or on a Saturday at the lake. Dress it up with some jewelry and you have yourself one sexy look!


The second bodysuit was different than my usual style, but its good to get out of the norm, right? I do love the royal blue and how well it was made just like my other items from Curvy Sense. I went with a sleek dark denim jegging from Torrid and heels for this bodysuit. I planned on wearing it solo, but the booty didn’t fit like I imagined. It wasn’t full coverage nor was it a thong- it was in the middle, showed a little cheek. I did really enjoy the asymmetrical straps on the bodysuit. Very bold and different especially pared with blue. I would wear this out to lunch with friends or a weekend shopping, but again it could be easily dressed up.

Plus size Color Block Bodysuit-Royal Blue, size 3x, $21.00


Last and my absolute favorite (thought I’m partial to dresses) is the SEXY Plus Size Frill Bodycon dress in RED! They also carry this same dress in mint on the website. At $29.00 I am saying everyone should own this dress. One because everyone needs a sexy red dress and because it fits like a glove, is a great price, and is actually really comfortable. I was highly impressed that the bust area had a sculpted wire. I have a lot of sexy V neck dresses but none have a wire to hold fabric into shape. This knit material was stretchy and also hugged my curves so good. The off the shoulder ruffle detail was another highlight with this dress. The ruffles laid perfect and didn’t overpower the look. The I felt like a total sexpot in this dress and was really comfortable!

Plus size Frill Bodycon dress in red, size 3X, $29.00

20170507_134231               20170507_134148


Shop at Curvy Sense now and use my special discount code “OASHLEE15” for 15% off!

Also, check them out on Instagram and Facebook !






The Pampered Period Box


20170505_172659           20170505_172540

My May subscription box review is all about The Pampered Period Box! As you might have noticed I’m loving female specific subscription boxes lately. This box really caught my eye because the large amount of items you get and its not only items for your period. I would suggest this box to ladies who do not menstruate as well. The Pampered Period Box is more about providing women with items and techniques to practice self care. In fact my box didn’t even come with pads or tampons, but was FULL of great items for me to indulge myself in. The box came packaged with beautiful details to make it extra special. I loved the cute postcard with the cinnamon stick and rose petals that filled the box.


My Pampered Period Box came with so many luscious goodies! I just kept unpacking items, it was great! My favorite items included a large notebook, a cute makeup bag, a TonyMoly mask, and two bath bombs! I am obsessed with baths so I can never have enough bombs.

20170505_173228      20170505_173014     20170505_173147

Also included in was liquid B12, which I have never used. After reading the information sent with my pampered period box I learned simply adding the B12 to a drink daily can help keep my nerves and red blood cells healthy.

A unique add to my box was a delicious recipe for a chocolate smoothie. Other drinks included a  box of calming flow tea and several packets of electrolyte mix. This box had hydration covered!


What is a period box without some chocolate!? My Pampered Period Box came with four yummy squares to nibble on while you relax in the bath wearing your TonyMoly mask. After the bath try the Beauty Works Shea butter lotion and continue your evening of relaxation with the candle burning through the night. This is certainly a relaxation self care box. I could get used to receiving all these treats once a month. No need to go to the store for your girlie goods, just sign up for the Pampered Period Box!

What’s in the box each month? Finely curated items for menstrual health and self care. each month is different. You don’t have to have a menstrual cycle to enjoy this box!

Price? $57 per month

Why? Because you need to indulge yourself from time to time. And 10% of every purchase goes to Girls Helping Girls Period Organization.

Follow and subscribe for your box below!

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How I Learned To Love Myself, Inside and Out

Loving myself has been an ongoing battle since I can remember. As a kid I was the chubby friend and the fat girl on the softball team that didn’t run very fast. I was every guys friend, but never a girlfriend. My older brother never had to chase guys off because no guys saw me as more than a buddy. This, plus being chubby from day one led to many insecurities.

As a teenager my self confidence was nonexistent. I hid behind my own fat jokes and baggy clothes. I used my humor to hide because inside I had no idea who I was. My family was a typical Midwest family that loved me and gave me all I needed, including lots of meat and potatoes. I had a great life, two great parents who supported anything I did. A spacious home and a car given to me at 16. Life was picture perfect to an outsider.

Around 16 is when I started to learn about depression and mental illness. I became aware that it ran in my family. I learned there is a difference between being a moody teen and being suicidal. Thankfully, my parents saw this and got me help. To this day I am on anti-depressants and am so thankful for them.

Around 18 I met my first real boyfriend. Before this time I never gave my body a good look because I was too busy staying covered and embarrassed.  I never saw my imperfections as beautiful. I only compared myself to women in magazines and on TV.  At a size 10/12 I felt like a blimp. I laugh now when looking back at size 12 me because I really wasn’t big at all.  I hated everything about my body and about my self. Now at a size 20/22 and 33 years old I wish I could tell every teenager that you don’t have to look a certain way! You don’t have to be what is considered good looking in our society! Just be you! And if fat is the worst thing you are, then you are doing pretty damn good in life!

In college I started to appreciate my curves while learning more about myself.  I started playing roller derby and loved that I could have sex appeal while still sweating and knocking girls down. This really exhilarated me and help me break out of my shell. A friend asked me to model for them for a school photography project around this time. From that first shoot I felt absolutely alive in front of the camera. I felt like I could shed all my insecurities and show my true self.  Back then, I was a size 16/18 and felt the best I ever had. I was embracing my body. I started indulging in self care like bubble baths and shopping for items that made feel great. I no longer wanted to wear big t-shirts to cover myself up.

Honestly, life’s ups and downs, mixed with so many new experiences have shaped me into who I am now. Taking risks like going to Scotland for 6 months during college and posing nude for a sculptor have helped me embrace my true self. Putting myself out there has made my confidence grow and that continues even today, at 33. Body Positivity, for me, is just as much about loving my body as it is about loving what’s inside too. Once I was able to treat my depression,  I had to learn to love my body and I realized that it wasn’t going to change. I believe we do inherit a lot of our size from our family and I am now proud of the booty my mom gave me and my freckled skin. It took me 20 years to realize it’s okay to be fat. It’s okay to show my skin and enjoy it. The human body can be art if you let yourself see the beauty.

Safe, Clean, Consensual Fun: The Nooky Box

As you all know I am a big fan of subscription boxes AND sexy fun! So the Nooky Box is absolutely perfect! This is not a box for the weak of heart, you must be open to new toys and treats. I was seriously impressed with all the goodies I got and the large box it all came in.

20170423_200345   20170423_200605

The Nooky Box is a quarterly box that has different toys, lubes, and sexy surprises to enjoy. This is great for couples to spice it up, or singles. The main toy in this months box was one I’ve had my eye on for awhile, but was skeptical. I had not tried anything like it before, but am very happy I got my hands on this!


Vesper Vibrator Necklace by Crave : I can’t say enough amazing things about this necklace! This is a sexy statement for all to see but only you know the truth. Worn as a stunning stainless steel necklace, this vibrator can be taken anywhere. There are 4 speeds, it is water resistant, and is USB chargeable! I am in love with this toy! There is nothing else like this dual purpose item. The 4 speeds are VERY intense which surprised me for such a little toy. (And I can handle a lot of strength from a toy.) Plus it is so easy to travel with and charge. Also, this retails at $69 alone! Purchasing through the Nooky Box is the best deal you will find!


Cleo Bangle Handcuffs by Unbound: Again the Nooky Box brings an item that is stylish but also a bit kinky! The bracelets can be worn out, as they are beautiful, or they can be used in the bedroom. They are well made, and very classy. They even have “There is freedom in restraint” engraved on them. This was a lovely kinky touch.


Lube by Uberlube: One can never have enough lube. Am I right or am I right? Plus this one actually evaporates on your skin after play and can be used in your hair as an anti friz!

Oral Pleasured Mints by Bijoux Indiscrets: Fresh breath and pleasure certainly go together, so I’m all for having mints in every Nooky Box I receive. Extra bonus, they are sugar free.

Secret Sex Notes by Unbound: Can we please bring love notes back!? I am a sucker for a note, so if my husband left me one of these little cards I would grin ear to ear. Plus its as easy as picking 1 of the 10 from the bag- he doesn’t even have to write them! Slip it on your partners pillow before bed, or even add it to a packed lunch! Sending a message of sex appeal anywhere your partner goes.

Before and After Wipes by  Biddettes: Like I previously said freshness is a MUST. Fresh breathe, freshly shaved, freshness everywhere! Always be ready for your partner with these individual wrapped wipes. Keep one in your purse, at the office, or hell in the car! Perfect for before and after play.

Erotic Short Story Booklet: Last is the perfect small book of erotic stories. Leave this in the bedroom for a quick read together or alone.


Click above to purchase through my affiliate link!

The Facts

-Quarterly Box, $79 every 3 months. Or purchase 1 box at a time.

-Perfect for couples or individuals, all sexes

-Includes sex toys, lubes, and more

-Each box has a new unique theme

-5 kiss review for high quality adult fun

Find them at: , Facebook: The Nooky Box , Instagram: @thenookybox






Lineage Wear – Ethical, Sustainable, Inclusive

I am a HUGE legging fan and am always looking for the best. I wear leggings a lot, to work or the gym, running errands on the weekends, or relaxing at home. When I saw Lineage leggings I knew I had to try them. I was very happy with what I found on their website. Not only do they have fun unique prints, but these babies are made to last and for everyone! All leggings are made in NYC with high quality fabrics and in an environmentally friendly process. From printing to shipping Lineage does everything possible to keep the company green and local. 


two    five


As a plus size woman who works out it is difficult finding workout wear I am comfortable in. I don’t need all my bits bouncing around when I am active, I need some control especially in my stomach and butt. Lineage has got me covered with their sturdy but breathable spandex.  Lineage is an inclusive company meaning they have sizes for everyone! When I say everyone I mean it, they have sizes XS – 5X! (Plus they have cut kid and wee baby leggings to match mommas!) I was gifted a size 3X ankle legging and a 2X tank top, both fitting perfect! I am glad I went up to a 3X in the legging because they do run a bit small and are of course form fitting. With plenty of stretch and length these leggings were great to wear all day. All the Lineage leggings are made with a thick spandex material with tons of stretch and strength. Also all styles have a extra high waist which is a must for all leggings I wear. says it best:

“These leggings have been specifically engineered to withstand stress, flatter the body, and prevent common complaints:

  • Lightweight, moisture wicking- no sweat marks
  • Extra high waist – no jiggle, no muffin top
  • Contoured shape – no yanking, no saggy crotch
  • No center seam and an angled inseam – no camel toe
  • Coverstitched hem- no binding elastic”

six.jpg   four

Lineage also has other goodies including light weight breathable tanks, tees, and now offer leggings as shorts! As summer approaches I know shorts will be my next go to.  I certainly recommend these leggings for all activities from walking to lifting weights. They have comfort, stretch, durability and high quality! Plus so many cute and fun prints with new ones popping up often. 

Brand: Lineage Wear

Sizes: Baby, Kids, Adults sizes XS – 5 X

Prices: Adults tanks and leggings $25-$60

If you purchase through my blog you will receive 10% off!

10% off now through this link!

Thank you to Lineage for being a truly amazing company with quality goods!


Tempt Boudoir

temptIf you have never been professionally photographed now is the time! What are you waiting for? Seriously, being fawned over and groomed like a queen makes you feel amazing. I think EVERYONE should have a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. Do it for the photos, do it for your partner, do it for new lingerie, but most important do it for yourself!
I have the best time shooting with the lovely ladies at Tempt Boudoir in Indianapolis. They make me feel very comfortable, are always encouraging and even position me so I don’t have to think about a thing! Tempt is a company based on making ALL women feel special. Yes I have modeling experience but many ladies they work with do not. They will supply you with professional hair and makeup, style guides, and pose coaching during the shoot. Anyone can do a boudoir shoot, if just takes the effort of putting yourself out there.






Tempt has affordable prices with three gracious packages that all include a one on one consultation with photographer Robyn, full hair and makeup styling by Bri, and professional retouching. Each package offers a different amount of digital images to you. I love that all three packages include hair and makeup, because on your big shoot day that is the last thing you want to worry about handling yourself. You want to be pampered and you will be at Tempt.






I can’t speak highly enough about Tempt Boudoir ! Their services are exceptionaly sexy while also the epitome of class. I promise the team will make you feel comfortable and sensual even if you have never had a photo shoot. This team is especially great with beginners so do not be nervous. Enjoy and embrace yourself!

Check out their website now to setup a consultation!

Tempt Boudoir

Facebook Instagram




 A big thank you to the team for my lovely images!


Vixen Curves



Vixen Curves is a BAD ASS online retailer out of the UK specializing in plus size harnesses! (Yes, our beautiful breasts need more pretty things to wear!) Vixen Curves was created solely by owner Vicky who thought more exotic lingerie choices should be available to plus size women. The brand follows the Eff Your Beauty Standards thinking, as said on the shop website.

Harness bras have been trending heavily for a couple years now, with some bra’s even having a built in harness. But having a harness you can mix and match with any bra and any outfit makes them so much more versatile! The down fall, the plus size community was virtually the last to get such wonderful garments, but thanks to Vixen Curves you can get any type of boob lingerie you can imagine! Vixen Curves has also branched into making a harness skirt, suspender belts, chokers, and tulle skirts!


Wearing the caged harness skirt Photo by Ivory Rose Photography

This is a very unique item that I absolutely love and bring to all photo shoots. You could wear this in the bedroom or put this over/under a miniskirt on a night out!


Wearing the chained body bra harness . Photo by Jillian Priest.

This piece is also fun at shoots and to add some extra spice to an already sexy harness. Vixen Curves is very creative with adding to her traditional items. I have not found any harness that fits me, is well made, and so creative!



Wearing the midnight amber harness bra. Photo by Black Vault Photography.

This is a great first harness as you can wear it with any bra or without! Partner this with a v neck or scoop neck top for extra exposure. I especially love wearing a harness bra in the summer with tank tops. A harness always adds to an outfit. Also, a harness can dress up a weekend outfit or work casually with a cut up tee and jeans.


@The Brown Vixen wearing the sergeant suspender belt.


@Jillian Priest wearing the amber harness bra.


Vixen Curves often post one of a kind items for discounted prices on her Instagram. If you aren’t following her there you should because that is the best place to see all of her creative wonders! From feathers to jewels she will add all types of items to make a harness work!

For a full view of all the regular items visit Vixen Curves shop. All items are made when ordered so due expect some time delay, especially if in the US. Also, all goods are made with plus size ladies in mind and use material that does stretch and bands that extend if needed. If you are still worried about sizing you can certainly contact Vicky to send  your measurements. Vixen Curves wants you to feel like a sexy vixen every time you wear one of her designs and I promise you will!

Ig: @officialvixencurves





Cow Cow!

Yes I said Cow Cow! Yes that is really the companies name and they sell everything! Cow Cow is a company that celebrates creativity and individuality. On Cow Cow you can upload your own art work and have it printed on just about anything! From a cell phone case to a bodycon dress they offer all types of products and  100% customization.  I have seen many other plus size babes do reviews on their dresses and leggings, because they have so many wild prints and large sizes.

I got 5 items from Cow Cow and LOVE 3 of the 5. I am partial to dresses but wanted to try a variety of items from Cow Cow. I am a huge fan of all the wild and unique prints offered. You can find anything from monkeys to pineapple print. I even found my favorite animal, the sloth! Seriously if you can think of it Cow Cow can make it and at great prices.


Dress Style: Sleeveless Bodycon size 2XL

This is for sure one of my favorites! It fits great and is very form fitting like a bodycon dress should be. I feel sexy and equally badass in this skull print. The length is perfect on me, but I am short (5’3). I would wear this on a night out dancing or a night I am looking to turn heads. Pair with heels or black boots and you would certainly make a statement.


Dress Style: Racerback Sloth design size 2XL

You might notice its a bit hard to tell this is in fact a sloth. I was disappointed that the sloths head goes into my armpit, so not the best placement. Also, I wish I had gotten this in 3XL as it does feel too tight. After looking more closely at the size chart on Cow Cow I do fit better into a 3XL per their measurements. Otherwise this dress, like the rest was sewed perfectly and comfortable.


Dress Style: Skater dress with sleeves, size 2XL

I absolutely love this print! I don’t wear much white but this was the perfect combination of black and white. My only issue with this dress is the sleeves are very tight. I would have sized up to a 3XL if I had known the sleeves would be so snug. Otherwise the length, neckline, pattern, and all stitching was excellent!


Top:Sleeveless tunic size 2XL

I love the purple in this  and it is exactly the color I pictured online. This top is a bit tight but the length is great so it works well with leggings or jeans. I wore this as a very casual look but you could easily dress this up with black slacks or cute jeans with heels or boots. So many options for this top.


Full Length Leggings, size 2XL

These have great stretch and coverage. The fabric, like all the pieces I have showed, is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex so the stretch is great! They do come up high, past my belly button, like I wear my leggings so I enjoyed that as well. I have not worn these more than a few times so I cant comment on how long they last but I feel with this material they will not split in the thighs like so many other brands do.


Dress style: Sleeveless Skater Dress, 2XL

This is my absolute favorite and not just because I LOVE donuts but because it fits perfect and you can twirl in this to flare out bottom. This would be a casual dress to me mainly because the pattern but you could dress up any of these up with a sexy pair of boots or heels. To me the donuts and lilac color make me think of summer so I cant wait to wear this in the nice weather.

I suggest ordering from Cow Cow if you love bold designs that can be found know where else! Cow Cow offers literally every clothing item including mens, womens, kids, and babies. There is swimwear, tank tops, skirts, capris and tons of dress options. When ordering remember the polyester / spandex material and how it will cling to your body. If you don’t enjoy tight clothing order a size up from your usual.

Check out Cow Cow to see ALL the options and designs available. Or upload your own design on any item. Some Cow Cow items are also available on Amazon. Also, Look for some great discounts on Instagram @cowcow !

Purchase through me by clicking here!



Note: Items were provided in exchange for an honest review. Items were handpicked by Ashlee specifically for this blog. Thank you.

Lingerie of the Week {4}

Today’s lingerie piece is a MUST HAVE in any vintage babe’s wardrobe. This is a piece I have had for several years and I wear it in a lot of my photo shoots. Rago Shapewear is a well known brand because their items are high quality with gorgeous vintage styles. Even if you aren’t a vintage style lover you will still love Rago Shapewear if you love high end lingerie and love feeling sexy!


Rago Shapewear is the most durable and tight cinching shapewear I have ever worn. Like I said, it is high quality stuff, so there is never any need to worry about squeezing into it and ungracefully ripping anything. As a plus size woman it is especially difficult to find sturdy shape wear that will last, but Rago has that covered. Another excellent feature is that all Rago Shapewear is made with full metal garters. From experience I have learned you cannot trust those cheap plastic garters, so metal is always the way to go.

Brand: Rago
Sizes Available:34C- 48DD or small – 4xl depending on where you purchase from
Pros: $69-$72
Cons: Sizing depends on how firm you want your shapewear


I am wearing Rago Style 9357 – Body Briefer Extra Firm Shaping in a 46 C

This particular piece is an extra firm full body shaper. Rago does have many options and items that are way less binding. Extra firm is the tightest you will find and I don’t recommend an extra firm shaper for your first purchase. Levels of shaping go from light, medium, firm and extra firm. Above I am modeling the extra firm shaper which I did get in a 46C, not the size I would normally wear, but it fits perfect. I had to size larger in width and smaller in chest to find a perfect fit, which Secrets in Lace helped me with. Again, this is why I suggest going with a lower level shaper in your regular size to start.

Below are the two websites I highly suggest when ordering from Rago Shapewear. Both have large selections and similar prices.

American Shapewear

Secrets in Lace

Next time you feel like spoiling yourself splurge on a Rago set or shaper. You will absolutely feel so feminine and sexy wearing these sensual goodies under your clothes or slipping them on for a night in with your partner. Rago lingerie is very versatile and long lasting, and so worth the money. I give Rago 5 big kisses and certainly plan to get more of their gorgeous products in the near future!



Amazing photos by Rachel Schwebach in Indianapolis, IN.